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Let's explore and tell the stories of our world; the people, the places, the wonders.

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Old Baldy_03.jpg

But, did I capture the moment the sun hit the cliff face!? I did not give up, I chased the sunset and was not disappointed! 

Lions Head Lookout_F.jpg

With only 1 partially used battery, some wind and some cool temperatures to drain the battery faster, I captured just a few moments of perfection at Lion's Head Lookout. Soak in the perfect scenery of the Bruce Peninsula.

Beaver Valley_03.jpg

I found an abandoned ski resort in the Beaver Valley. Old Smokey Ski Resort closed down in the mid 1980s and what's left is an overgrown ski lift, rusted cables, some faint reminders of old ski runs and some amazing scenery.

Stories from the field

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