As a world and humanitarian assignment photographer, Paul has been capturing social, cultural and geo-political issues through his camera for more than 15 years. His commitment to the visual is based on a philosophy of relational and intimate storytelling, with honesty and a sensitive eye.


Throughout his career, assignments have taken him around the globe and allowed him to photograph for newswires and organizations such as World Vision, UNICEF, Save The Children and more. Paul has photographed in the deserts of Mongolia, the rivers of South East Asia, in the ancient lands of the Middle East and South America, and in war torn regions of the globe. In these spaces, he revels in creative expression and advocating on the behalf of others.

Along with his love of traveling and a desire for social change, Paul's work also includes aerial, event and construction photography.

In addition to his Masters Degree in International Development from Eastern University, Paul also holds an undergraduate degree in Art History/Cultural Studies from York University, and has completed graduate and post-graduate schooling in Photography at Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

Through working and living in numerous developing countries, Paul has been able to transfer his skills into other areas of development and communications including: media relations, trip-planning, overseas logistics, coverage of emergency environments, and guiding experiential learning trips for schools, non-governmental organizations, and safari companies.

Paul, his wife, and his three children, currently live in Toronto, Canada.



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