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Creative Conversations

Creating a documentary is a lot of work. In this video, myself, Gayle Ye who was one of our cinematographers, Alicia Dubay and Marie Cook, who were two of our story producers, have a conversation about our experiences in Myanmar during the filming of Pressure Baby. You will learn a bit about our travel experiences, what it took to plan the trip and time them right, our thoughts on the documentary and the filmmaking process, and what it was like spending time with Zin and her family.

Thanks to everyone who took part in Thursday's event, we all appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed the show! If you didn’t get a chance to attend the virtual premiere of Pressure Baby on Thursday you can watch the full release event here, or you can watch the full version of Pressure Baby here.

Take a moment to watch and share these video and help tell Zin's story.


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