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Farming in COVID-19, A Documentary

I've shared a lot of images that I have taken while at Lennox Farm but there was also a short documentary made about the farm and the work I was doing there. A film crew that I have worked with extensively in my travels overseas, created this short film that shows the tension that Lennox Farm was, and is, dealing with while working through the pandemic.

I have been working with Lennox Farm for almost 18 months and it has been an amazing experience; from the people who work on the farm to the early morning sunrises, the quiet rustling of the leaves while the workers pick crops, learning about our food and our food system, driving on tractors through farm fields - I have enjoyed every moment. This short film captures these moments beautifully.

Thanks so much to Luke and Tim at Turnbuckle for taking interest in this story. It was great working with you in Canada!


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