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International Colour Awards

A photo I took in the Democratic Republic of Congo was given an Honourable Mention in the Professional Photojournalism category in the International Colour Awards. The International Colour Awards is the "leading global award honouring excellence in colour photography. Now in its 14th year, this celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers in a prestigious annual contest and online gala awards, streaming the world's most watched photo show".

The winning photos are of a girl named Neema who fled to an internally displaced persons camp with her baby sister after her village was attacked by local militia - I'll delve into her story in my next post. In any given year that I travel abroad to photograph a story or a place I may only end up with a handful of images that I think are up to the quality I am happy with. There is a sliding scale here of course, I can capture a good image in almost any circumstance that can be used for a variety of outputs. But, to capture the essence of a person, a place or a scenario is not an easy task. When it does happen, my heart buzzes with excitement.

These images are part of a group of photos that made my heart buzz. These are photos that I can say that I am proud of and happy to share, especially since they can bring increased awareness to an often forgotten, but still raging crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Thanks to the International Colour Awards for the opportunity to be showcased in the 2014 annual awards show!


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