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Myanmar Before Coup's and COVID

Between 2016 and 2019 I travelled to Myanmar several times a year to follow a woman named Zin as she lived her life in an extremely remote part of the country. There were no roads to take us to her home, just dirt trails and winding rivers.

The overarching story we gathered in our travels to Myanmar can be seen in the documentary myself and a team at World Vision created called Pressure baby, which has won several awards at film festivals across Canada. However, leading up to Pressure Baby, we created three shorter films that gave a look into the lives of other women that we met in the country. Mie Mie, who was our guide and translator on each of our trips. Mah Thin Thin, who was, and is, a leader in her village and worked hard to support her family along with her husband, and Zin, who is quiet, but hardworking and won't give up. The video above is the first of the three videos we created.

I was supposed to go back to Myanmar in October 2020 to reconnect with Zin and her family and continue the story of her life in her small community, but the world had other plans. I don't know that I will ever get back to see her, but from the few updates I have received, she is doing well - which is what I hope for all the women I met while travelling on the rivers and through jungles of Myanmar.

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